Apache HBase

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Introduction As part of this lesson we will see HBase in detail Setup and Architecture CLI and Web UI DDL Operations CRUD Operations Data Modeling CLI Commands Developing Java Programs

i have requirement like i need to read and write simultaneously from an HBase table. while read should be online (Real time)from 15 billion users and write into HABSE table will be in batch (write 20 TB batch will run every 3 hours) .

In this scenario which one will be the ideal Hadoop layer, i can use Hbase or any other layer to read/write data from HDFS??

Your question is not clear. Are you talking about choosing NoSQL database for your requirement?

HBase use HDFS for underlying file system.
Cassandra use CFS for underlying file system. However you can have Cassandra and Hadoop combination. Cassandra for real time operations and Hadoop for batch processing.