As per CCA 175 New Syllabus What Playlist do i have to follow for real time data ingest?

As per the CCA 175 new syllabus, below 2 requirements are available in the Data Ingest Section

* Ingest real-time and near-real-time streaming data into HDFS

* Process streaming data as it is loaded onto the cluster

Am having the below questions please clarify me.

  1. How many Questions do we expect from these two in the Exam ?
  2. What technology do we have to use ? (Flume/Kafka/Spark Streaming ) if we can use anyone what will be your suggestion ?
  3. Anyone please specify which youtube playlist do i have to follow , could you please share the playlist ?

**Thanks **

I expect not more than 1 question in that area.

Here is the playlist as per new curriculum -


Thanks a lot… I am unable to open the link for now…

I searched this morning in youtube for itversity videos for cca 175…saw 92 videos… Is it the same…?