Avro to text sample

how to use totextfile in Avrotools

This video might give you some idea

i went through that link we had issue on having totext option

Has the issue when trying to convert AVRO to text been resolved?
avro-tools totext part-m-00001.avro test.txt

Avro file is not generic text schema

The answers I see on SO make no sense. I do not want to look at GIT codebase to get answer.

@hemprasadk, @mak21008

Here is the command - avro cat part-m-00000.avro

avro-tools tojson seem to not working any more. Hence I have installed python package avro. However avro-tools tojson is working as expected.

Thank you. This works nice.

Just keep in mind that, it might not be available in CCA exam.