AWS Ip address changing

currently trying to create multi node cluster in aws,for learning !

when i stop/start AWS instances, its ip address is changing. So if i assign ip address for those instance, any charge for that, is it cover under free tier?

You can assign an elastic ip address to the instance and there is no cost for Elastic IP addresses while in use. You only pay for the Elastic IP when it’s not attached to an instance. Please refer to the Elastic IP section in this link. Also, please note that AWS accounts are limited to 5 Elastic IP addresses per region.

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Yes elastic ip’s is the answer. Take a look at it on the AWS documentation page

@sharathg @pramodvspk Thanks for your information!

If i assign Elastic IP to my instance and sometimes i’ll stop instance and restart my instance to avoid exceed the free limit. So is it billable when i stop instance?

@selvag Yes. It is billed hourly if it is not associated with any running instance.
Please read following question taken from Amazon EC2 FAQs:

Q: Why am I charged when my Elastic IP address is not associated with a running instance?
In order to help ensure our customers are efficiently using the Elastic IP addresses, we impose a small hourly charge for each address when it is not associated to a running instance

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