Best Tool for ad hoc analysis

Our Business users are using Tableaue to connect to Hive tables. As expected query performance is very slow (as Hive executes map reduce jobs). There are several tools to solve this problem. Could you please suggest which one among below tools are better?

  1. Impala
  2. Drill
    3 .Presto

Also, please suggest if there is other tools which I have not listed here but it can solve the problem.

Use Zeppelin with spark SQL.Its much fast and easy to operate

Hello Dipankar,

Impala, Drill and Presto are similar tools. You need to connect Tableau using Impala and performance will be much better. But Impala is memory intensive and you need to configure it properly so that it does not run out of memory issue.

Zeppelin is different and I do not think it is alternative to BI tools like Tableau.


Can I configure Drill/Presto on Top of my Cloudera VM(5.8) ? Just want to compare performance.

Probably yes, but I have not done it before. You will not see significant difference on VM.

If you are interested, I will make you part of support team and will give access to UAT. You can give a try over there.

Thank you. Could you please share how can I access UAT environment?

Sure, I will. It is still under construction.