Big Data labs - current renewal process

Thank you for using Big Data lab so far. Now the lab is GA.

Here are the steps to get extension.

  1. Go to, if there are issues accessing website - please clear the cache
  2. Login to the lab using the authentication you used earlier
  3. Go to this URL for getting the plans,
  • For some it is redirecting to lab (it is a small bug in our code, we will be fixing as part of the next release)
  • Please change the lab from url to plans once again and you will see the plans
  • Please let us know if it is not working
  1. Choose the plan and make the payment
  2. Validate by going to profile page -

Please raise any issues by replying to this topic - Big Data labs - issue with renewals

We will come up with automated process as part of the next release.

Thank you for your support.

Hello This is Sandeep . I have just joined the discussion forum and need some info, looking for a proper person to reach regarding the labs. I need some info for setting a cluster for learning Hadoop Administration , do we have any one who can guide me through .

Any one to whom I can contact .

I have to renew today. the big data lab page is not opening. It shows simply “Loading”. My subscription ends today.

Discussion tracking in below topic.