Big Data labs - issue with renewals

Please raise any issues with renewal by responding to this topic.

I cannot renew. User mak210008.
I am always redirected to and cannot get to /profile or /plans.

Here are the steps - Big Data labs - current renewal process

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I can’t renew, when I click plans the webpage loads quickly and moves to login. I don’t get opportunity to renew. I don’t see renew while I am logged in either. The “click” here for existing users does not work.

Just try again it will work (replace lab with plans). We will release patch soon to provide renew/extend option on lab page it self.

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i tried buying for 93 days using paypal but system threw me out without any error message…I have 3 more days left of my previous paid subscription

Update on this ,seems i paid 34$ twice to itversity ,could you cancel one payement of 34$ …i am totally confused why this happening …my paypal id

Refund processed. Thank you.