Big Data on Cloud (Hadoop and Spark on AWS)

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Are you familiar with Big Data Technologies such as Hadoop and Spark and planning to understand how to build Big Data pipelines leveraging pay as you go model of cloud such as AWS? This course is answer for that. Pre-requisites Basic programming using Python or Scala or both Good knowledge about distributed file systems such…

Hello @dgadiraju @itversity - How is this course different from

Here are the differences:

  • Live training
  • Covers both Scala and Python
  • Advanced concepts of EMR - Step Execution and other advanced features of EMR
  • Discount for future courses on AWS (e.g.: Building Streaming pipelines using Kinesis and DynamoDB)

If you have already signed up with Udemy, you do not have to sign up for course or I can give discount with price difference.


I have already brough Udemy course for AWS EMR and Spark using Scala , But I didnt start the course yet . Please let me know if this is different content from that available in Udemy.

Is life long access to videos and course material for the course Big Data on Cloud (Hadoop and Spark on AWS) possible if we purchase the course or can this course be made available on Udemy. Thank you.

I want to purchaage this course