Can one resign his job to pursue CCAH and what is the assurance of getting a job after passing the exam

Hello Sir Durga,

I had attempted CCAH exam once and failed it, i got 53%, this is because i hardly had time for good preparation as my work is a very demanding type which hardly allows me time read effectively. I had made another payment for the exam but am a little afraid to take the exam now because i had never failed any international exam before except this very one. Now the question is , will it be advisable to dedicate 3 to 4 months with full lab practice in passing this exam which means i will have to quit my present job. so what will be my chance of getting a new job without any substantial Big data work experience.


Hi Durga SIr,

Even i have the same question. Please guide us in drawing a career path as a Big Data Engineer.


I will not recommend to quit the current job. After the certification, they will give the report which areas you are struggling. Do you have that one?

No i did not get any such report detailing where i need to put in more effort, all i got was my mark and failed report.

Hmm, I do not recommend giving up a job for 3 to 4 months.

Certification exam is only 300$. Give another try with controlled preparation.
Also I will recommend HDPCA which is subjective exam. They also provide practice exam. You can give a try before going for the main exam.

@itversity Is there any chance in the format of HDPCA recently? Does it still have subjective questions?