Can we run hive query on specific node?

I just want to run my hive query on some specific node so that it can use the resource of that node only.
Is there any way to achieve it ?

No, it is not possible.

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What is the name of process that take care of replication in haddoop?

It is not process. It is parameter and the parameter name is dfs.replication, by default it is 3.

There is a configuration in hdfs-site.xml which defines the number of replication factor in hdfs. By default hadoop consider 3 replica set.

dfs.replication 1

@satya_prakash_gaurav Usually Hive Client will be configured on all the nodes, you can set it up on specific nodes to limit the resource usage. I understand it will use HDFS, still it may help you,

Disclaimer: This is my guess and never tested!!

Hi ,
It is the parameter that i know. but there should be some daemon or process which will responsible to take care of this parameter.
Like in cron job we are also changing some parameter in ssh conf file also but for all of these there is a Daemon/Process which always running to activate it.
In same way I want to know that the Daemon/process name for replication.