Career Path for Mainframe Professionals

Hello All,

I need some help from all of you. I am a Mainframe professional with 10+ years of experience. I have been learning Big Data from past 6 months and recently cleared HDPCD Spark developer certification. I am now struggling with next move. I am in USA now and moving back to India very soon. I was checking job portals in India for Big Data and most of the job opening are for Java + Big Data. As I do not know Java, what options do i have?

Should I learn Spark and Scala?
Should I just concentrate on Data Ingestion with ETL tools like talend + AWS?

As i cannot learn everything, i need to decide on a scope and capitalize on that. Also do 10+ experienced have any career as Big data developer in India.

Any help is much appreciated.

@itversity, Durga sir, please provide your views as well.