Case class limitation of 22 parameters

When working with dataframes and using case classes to create the schema, I am using scala 2.10 and spark 1.6 and this has a limitation of not having more than 22 parameters in the case class.

How to get around this without using scala 2.11 ?

After scala 2.11 it got resolved but previous version how to resolve. I faced same kind of problem but didnt get any immediate resolution. So I implemented spark sql like cloumnString="col1,…,col28"
then create struct type for val strutType=StructType();
then create rowRDD()
then create dataframe
finall register the temp table.

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Thanks for sharing the info.

@asara, @spark - I cleaned up the unnecessary comments.

@asara, yours is valid question as well as informational. I did not delete the only useful comment in between. Let us know if you get the resolution.