CCA 175 - Attempt on 5-May-2020

Hi All,

Since I learn so much from Durga Sir and wanted to give something back to this community.

I am going to share my experience with you about my attempt on CCA 175. I attempted exam on 5th May 2020 but unexpectedly I was presented the exam with older UI . My exam loaded with a Quickstart VM rather than web browser.

I was presented with 9 questions.

If you prepare for this exam from Durga Sir resources then you will find the exam to be quite easy but unfortunately I was unable to clear the exam as per cloudera but I know there is some problem in evaluation from their end which they are not accepting.

ps : I will not waste my money again on this certification as there are no proper response from cloudera team.

Feel free to reach out to me in case of any doubt


Bro, I believe you are right. I took the exam today, I have been using spark from a couple of years now. Questions are so easy that anyone should be able to answer correct. However the issue i had was - i only could type either lower case letters or upper case letters in both editor and terminal. First it was lower case only and then after refreshing it was upper case only. I asked the proctor if he could help, he said he could not help. It was so annoying to hold shift and type. I had to hold and un hold shift repeatedly and i only could answer 7 out of 9 with almost first 45 mins wasted talking to proctor. I don’t know my results yet, but i could say the exam environment is terrible. I am going to send an email to them if i fail. Did anyone else had this issue? PS: I also was given an old style exam.

Bro I also faced the same issue.

We should now look towards databricks certification


when you say that you got old exam format. did you mean that you got old exam type questions like flume.kafka or sqoop questions? in new pattern those 3 fields are not there anymore?


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Hi Shivam , I am planning to take this exam by next month. Did you get the exam questions related with sqoop/khafka/flume ? it would be helpful for my preparations if you answer my question. Thanks in advance.

Hi Arun

No I did not get any questions related to sqoop flume and Kafka

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which question are there ?? can you mention the topics?

Hi Anitha,

Old exam format means old cluster. It was not like exam was loaded on chrome instead a VM was loaded