CCA 175: Cleared 11th June

Thank you so much Durga sir. I cleared CCA 175 today with 9/9. I finished all questions within 1 and half hour time and spend 15 minutes to verify them. I would suggest, below things

  1. read questions carefully
  2. verify each and every rdd/dataframes after creating it
  3. make sure, output is same as what is mentioned

Thank you again itversity and Durga sir.


Hi Malavec
Congratulations on your achievement.

Could you please tell us no. of questions from each topics. Also did you get template related questions? Any kafka/flume related question?

Many thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Congrats, what approach did you used to solve the question Spark Core API’s / SaprkSQL?

It was same as described by others. 2 on sqoop and 7 on spark. no template. you can use any language. No kafka flume. I prefer spark sql with dataframes, over rdds.

Hi Malavec

Did you face any questions of Broadcast variable and Accumulators

Nope… didnt get any.

Hey congrats on passing the certification. I was wondering how many bits did you get in each problem, and did all the problems have some kind of data ingestion? if they did what kind? and lastly, Did all the problem weigh on the same difficulty level?

it was all combinations of spark related questions defined in their course curriculum. Difficulty level is different for different people, so cant comment on it. But it was possible to finish everything in 1 and half hour, if you have done enough practise.