CCA 175: cleared

First of all i would like to thank Durga sir @itversity whose tutorials and support made it possible.
i would also like to thank each and every one whom i have interacted with for clearing my doubts.

Exam take away:
1)no matter how much confident you are in any module , please practice with each and every scenario.
dont assume if you can successfully query your code with a particular scenario you can also perform the rest without practicing . even if it is a simple sqoop-import/export try your hands on all the different , datafile type, delimiter type . etc . it took me some time to figure out a simple sqoop import delimiter , though the night before iwas fully confident that i know all the datatypes and delimiters . while typing it in the exam you might find it difficult if you have not practiced with.

2)you might be reading this everywhere that time management is the key , yes it is . so plan accordingly your strategy .
3)the text in the question would be really small and the table/database names would be hardly visible .

  1. ONE TIP: open all the 10 questions in 10 different tabs , and when you have launched one code (it will take some time to execute) by that time go to the next tab read the question and decide if you can answer it or not and by the time ur first code executes fully you should be ready with the next question to answer.
    5)check all the output and file format at that very time , donot keep it till the end. you wont get enough time to comeback and check your answers , because for that you have to read the question again as the location and variables are different for every question.
    6)i was able to attempt 9 questions completely and when i was on the 10th one and was just about to execute it my time was up. so i attempted 9 questions and i was very confident on that.
    result came after like 1 hour and to my dismay out of the 9 attempted 2 questions were wrong( i dont know how but the score sheet showed as incorrect ) one was wrong data for sqoop import , though i had validated the count and some sample records and the other was incorrect schema in hive which too i had verified the data . so i was just lucky to be stuck at 7 correct questions .

last but one important thing. keep calm no matter what and aim to attempt questions correctly and validate the output path and sample data that very moment .

thank you once again to every one and this wonderful community .


Great Avinash, Congrats.

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Congratulations @Avinash_Parida.
Can you please provide the kind of questions that we can expect in FLUME.

if u remember the questions, please post them

sorry Raghav , we are not allowed to post questions :expressionless:

ok, got it. Just wanted to see the type of questions and wanted to check myself how quick I can understand and get the solution.

Cool, Congrats @Avinash_Parida.


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Thank You @Avinash_Parida.

Congrats Avinash, thank you for the valuable tips.

Congrats @Avinash_Parida . Thanks for your valuable tips for exam.

Congratulations @Avinash_Parida and thanks for the inputs.
I am looking to take the certification, I am comfortable with sqoop, hive and also gone thru the videos in IT versity for all the topics except spark using python.
I have the following questions?
a) Are all the spark questions mainly to fill in the missing code, I am spending lot of time practicing/learning spark but is it enough to practice the vidoes/topics in itversity channel for passing the exam. I have taken certification dumps and it has lot more questions and I am not able to solve the spark problems and finding it more difficult and hence worried.
b) Is it mandatory to know python or can the questions be solved in scala?

Appreciate your time in replying to queries. Thanks in advance.

Hello Hari,
There will be separate questions for scala and python.
And yes you need to know both of them as u have to solve it in both scala and python.
Only practicing itversity videos will help.
I would suggest you to understand each problem in the videos, because question will be similar to what explained in the videos but not exactly the same i mean the concepts would be the same. So its better you try to understand line by line the syntax/transformation that is happening.
And yes you have to fill in the codes already present but by filling up its not that you will
Be filling only 1 word, u will be filling half of the syntax or a complete transformation syntax.

Gudluck and as i said try to understand each problem and it will be very easy for u.

Thanks Avinash for your reply that really helps.

Congratulations @Avinash_Parida.

I would like to know if we have to do any set up for installation during exam.

No Janaki,
everything will be pre-configured .
you just need to use the shell according to the question .
nothing to be done as sort of any admin job.

Thank you @Avinash_Parida

What are the level of sqoop questions in the exam
Are there any questions asking to use sqoop jobs/ options file / password file

Also, do they ask questuons on sqoop merge as well ?

Hello Rohan,
i didnot get any such complex queries on scoop as you have mentioned , it was pretty simple basic sqoop questions for me.
but not sure if any one else got such .

Thanks for the prompt response mate !

What about other topics Hive Spark and Flume.

How was the complexity of the problem/ questions given ?

no questions on flume.
rest , if you follow the tutorial videos explained in itversity and actually understand the concepts then i would say it will be easy for you.
but as i said you need to understand the concept and practice and it would be easy.

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