CCA 175 Exam cleared on 22 March

Hi All, I have cleared CCA 175 exam on 22 March.
Kudos and many thanks to Durga sir for valuable video list and guidance.
I faced old syllabus quetions. Connectivity issue faced,but resolved within minutes.
Key is Practice and Time management.Don’t loose confidence.
Questions are primary level only but somewhat time consuming.
Increase font and work on multiple window. Read question carefully.
Use separate vi editor for type and refer.

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Thanks Dinesh for sharing this. Can you please answer following queries :

  1. If we are asked to create hive table and hdfs location is provided then should we create external table or managed? If nothing specific is asked then should it be external table always in case hdfs location provided?
  2. In spark programs, I believe a template is provided and script has to be used to execute. Can we verify the program on using spark-shell? For that we just have to copy and paste the code from template?
  3. In case of pyspark, do we require to use itertools or islice?

Thanks Dinesh. Did you enroll before the syllabus change announcement was made or after it ? Please advice.

I bought exam ticket and schedule d after 16th march

First of all congrats Dhinesh…
Does CCA 175 exam deals with structured datasets alone ??

Unstructured dataset always

If it is unstructured what kind of data we would process…
Give me some examples so that it would be helpful.