CCA 175 exam with new syllabus

Hi All,

Did any one attempted cca 175 exam after the syllabus change from april? please let us know how it will be.
Please suggest me if any videos/docs added in itversity play lists regarding the syllabus change topics.

There will 9 questions. 2 Sqoop 7 spark questions. Logic is quite simple but you have to be careful with the file formatting, types an compression.
You can refer this blog which has similar questions.

Hi Alex,

Will they ask spark core API to use specific transformation only like combine by key or agg by Key and will they specify to complete the task in specific steps only.Thanks in advance.


The problems in the above blog while using the core api he using a complex approach finishing while using aggBykey or combine By key .

You are free to use any techniques to achieve the result. They don’t restrict with certain functions. Note exam evaluated on the final ouput and no on the code you develop. you can skip the aggregate and combinebykey functions if its too hard to understand.

Thanks for the reply Alex