CCA 175 - File formats as per new sylllabus

Hi Durga/Itversity,

In the hangout session of the changed syllabus of CCA 175 , you mentioned that you will be posting a video with all the file formats as its emphasized more now for certification. Is that video a part of the playlist now ? I am not able to find it in the new playlist. Please let me know if is there.

Is the old 92 video playlist you have covered, text file , sequence file , hive table and JSON file read and write in SPARK.
Is this enough or still we need to cover few more formats?

in HDP certification playlist, i can see some videos covering ORC ,RC and other file formats but all are in conjunction to create hive table. Is this always the case of we can read ,write directly from SPARK as well.

Thank you


HI @itversity,
Can you please update on this.


You can have a look on the below links:

Here is my practice code if you want to have a look: