CCA 175 Has Exam with new Syllabus started?

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Have scheduled the exam on the 17th March. Which syllabus to expect old or new? Can someone who has given the exam in last couple of days confirm please?

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I am also having same question as mine is also scheduled on 17th March.

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Friends,as seen reply got, until march month end, exam may be/most probably on old syllabus. My one friend cleared on 6th march with old syllabus. Hopes. Please reply after you attended exam on 17th march whether exam was on old syllabus? All the Best to U ALL!!!

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Even i have schedule on 20th please let me know that the exam was based on old syllabus or new
plz convey even i am bit tense

There is still uncertainty, hence I have rescheduled exam to next week.

@skulkarni please update …did you give the exam?

Hi All,

Gave and cleared the exam today. Still old syllabus.

Thank you Durga and itversity without you this wont have been possible.


Congrats Sameeer. Did you get code snippets for Spark? Also how tough were Spark related questions? Durga’s playlist contains coding of 8-10 lines. Are question that tough during exam also? I am worried that i wont get enough time to write that much amount of code. If code snippets are provided, how much lines of code we have to write? Thanks In advance.

did any one took cca175(spark and hadoop developer) new syllabus exam. please let me know I have schedule my exam to 15 of April?

Yes snippets were provided. Follow Durga’s course should be more than enough.

below given the reply from cloudera for new syllabus effective date
"Content changes are made on the exams every week; questions are removed, questions are added, and questions are modified. With the release of the Data Analyst exam, there is less need to test “logging into Impala” questions, so CREATE TABLE questions have been moved to the Analyst exam. With the release of a new version of Spark, it is easier to test “using tables as a data source” questions, so expect some questions to have a table instead of just a directory of data files as the inputs. There has always been an Analysis section on the Required Skills for this exam. All that was done was to update that section to focus more on Spark. This is not a new exam, this is a minor update.
We are updating the version of CDH used with our exams. Data Analyst uses CDH5.9.1. All other exam continue to be on CDH5.3.2. This announcement is that Spark & Hadoop Developer has been converted over to CDH5.10.0.
The CCA175 Spark exam is being testing in development with Spark 1.6 now. When we are satisfied that the new version does not break any existing questions, we will be moving the new version into production. We are not announcing a date for when the exam content changes. If you wish to make sure that you your exam is with the latest versions of our products, wait to schedule your exam until April. If you wish to take the exam with the old version then schedule immediately. We will be making changes as soon as we can guarantee a proper exam and without any further warning. "