CCA 175 - Sample Problems - Problem 01


Disclaimer: The intention is only to introduce how the questions will be as part of the exam. Make sure to follow and understand the instructions provided while taking the exam. Also the questions are at different difficulty level and need not be inline with the actual questions in the exam. Also we do not guarantee that you will pass the exam after solving the problem statements. If you do not have lab access then you need to setup data sets on your PC.


Connect to the MySQL database on the itversity labs using sqoop and import all of the data from the orders table into HDFS

Data Description

A MySQL instance is running on a remote node in the instance. You will find a table that contains 68883 rows of orders data

MySQL database information:

  • Installation on the node
  • Database name is retail_db
  • Username: retail_user
  • Password: itversity
  • Table name orders

Output Requirements

  • Place the customer files in the HDFS directory
  • Replace whoami with your OS user name
  • Use a text format with comma as the columnar delimiter
  • Load every order record completely

End of Problem

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