Cca preparation


I would like to complete cca certifications . I am a fresher and I have few doubts in the following

  1. Is lab machine specific?
  2. What are the other software I need to install on my Windows? Like putty/ Cygwin, etc.,
  3. Is that 92 videos in YouTube enough to crack the cca?


  1. No lab is NOT machine specific. You can able to access if you have internet access.
  2. Not required to install putty/cygwin, if you have already then you can connect the lab with this tool as well.
  3. Who ever cleared already agreed mostly these videos are enough to crack the exam. More practice is key to clear the certification.
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Few more doubts,

In exam, we will be given this putty/ Cygwin to execute our cmd? Also many are saying have practice on Ubuntu machine but I have oly windows at my home? What should I do?

What version of this putty /Cygwin do I install?