CCA175 exam laptop compatibilty

I am planning my CCA 175 exam in end of this month January.

From your post, I checked my laptop compatibility for CCA175 exam. It showed below description (see screen shot)

All are ticked ok,only thing is hardware. As seen from screen shot, 1GB and 2GHz dual core processor. And 1280x800 resolution is mentioned. My laptop is 12GB Ram and 1.7GHz dual core and resolution is 1366x768. So will it be ok for exam. What issues I may face during exam with may laptop.

Any one has given exam with my hardware setup. Pls share your experience.

Thank you

Kindly suggest for the above post.

You will not face any issue in the exam.

Thank you for confirmation Pramod

Hi All,

My laptop is 13 inch… please suggest if the size qualifies compatibility for CCS175 test.I mean is there will be a webcam/font problem …

@ManojK, for webcam there will not be any problem and it is not related to screen size. For safe side please perform above compatibility check. It’s better to write exam in 15.6" screen size.


Did you have any issues in writing cca 175 using your system