CCA175: New Syllabus Spark RDD/Spark Core processing replaced by Spark SQL

Hi all,

I am preparing for the certification. I am planning to give the exam by mid April. I am following the 92 video playlist and the codes from github. As the syllabus has been changed so i think i should concentrate on sql solutions to the problems and examples showed in the video. Can anyone please help me @itversity and confirm how should i prepare and what topics i should leave and what topics i should concentrate.

follow this CCA 175 - Spark and Hadoop Developer Updated Syllabus. Which Playlist to use?


I dont think Spark core processing is replaced by SparkSql, As per the new syllabus both are included and you should prepare both.

So questions on aggregation,filter,sorting,join can come in rdd and dataframe both or do i need to practice only dataframes and spark-sql. @itversity

Does not matter what approach you use to get the results. Cloudera checks end results and format.

Hi @Abhinandan_Bhattacha. I think we need to prepare rdd and dataframe. Please refer to following discussion link and Durga’s response for the same. CCA 175 “Perform standard extract, transform, load (ETL) processes on data”?