CCA175 question - exam this week

  1. I am doing the operations with Spark SQL and Dataframes. While saving results during the exam in HDFS, if a dataframe result is saved in gzip format it creates something like “part-00000-eca3128a-bbe0-4a8a-9abe-73b7aef4d5bd-c000.csv.gz” whereas if RDD operations are done with Core Spark API and saved then something like “part-00000.gz” is saved. When the Cloudera exam software checks for answers does it matter what the name of the .gz result is? Can both be correct? I dont want my answer to be regarded incorrect just because the name wasn’t part-0000*.

  2. Also I am using spark2-shell and will be using only Spark 2 in the exam - is that ok?

Hi Sofia,
I also have exam this week. When is your date/time?

please let me know if you were able to take the exam, from my last conversation with cloudera, apparently their exam environment is down.

I have re-scheduled my exam to next week.
When is your scheduled?

My exam was scheduled for day after tomorrow but Cloudera just cancelled it saying technical issues. They are not letting anyone schedule next week also - they said they will get back with ETA.

I got email today from cloudera:

Cloudera is currently experiencing difficulties with their exams. I can see you have an exam scheduled for this week. I am going to manually cancel your reservation right now; you should see an email confirming your cancellation by tomorrow.

We do not currently have an ETA for when your exam will be ready. My team will reach out to you next week with more details. I am sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please reach out to

now I can’t reschedule and it’s completely disappeared from

Anybody facing with the same issue?

Hi Guys,

I too got the same email, which mark shared above.

I am also practicisng for the exam. I am planing to take it in first week of april. Please share the watsapp group if created any.

Yes I got the exact same email cancelling mine. No ETA - this is very frustrating. Has anyone taken the Hortonworks HDP Certified Spark Developer (HDPCSD) Exam ? Is it tougher or easier than CCA 175?

Hi Dileep,

Were you able to book the slot for the exam?

Please let us know.

Thanks, Malli

Hi Malli,

Now the issue is fixed, you can go ahead and book a slot for the exam.

Dileep Kumar

Thanks for your response.

Did you take up the exam already?


I cleared my CCA 175 exam yesterday (17th April). I got 8 out of 9.

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr.Durga and his team for helping out aspirants like me with the content to be able to take up this exam with ease. Kudos to him!.

The exam problems were straightforward although some questions need to be read more than once to interpret right, as we need to just apply our mind and knowledge at that very moment. The exam time is quite tight to be able to finish all the problems.

My suggestion would be to practice well before giving it a try. Also, please do take backup of data for the sqoop and hive related problems, that would really help in accidentally losing it. I did the backup as recommended and it helped in my hive question.

Good luck to all the aspirants!

Thanks again to Mr.Durga and this active discussion forum,


Thanks Malli for the information. What exactly do you mean by taking backup of data for sqoop and hive? The solutions backup or in sublime text while creating the solution?

For Spark questions, can all the questions be solved only with Spark SQL and dataframes? Or do they ask to solve with Core RDD api ? Did you get any kafka, flume or streaming questions?

Sofia, refer my thread in the “Success Stories” categories.

Hi All,

I had my CCA 175 exam scheduled today but got the mail from cloudera for cancellation due to technical issues.

I can see that many of you have faced this issue.
Will someone help about what will be the next course of action? As right now, I am unable to schedule my exam again.

Thanks in advance…

I had the same problem. You need to write to certifications at cloudera or who is the program coordinator expressing your frustration on their fragile systems and asking to reset your exam eligibility so that you can schedule again.

hi dileep,
shall i call you 1-7324475530…


Did you take the exam finally?

Hi Malli,

Can you share the link? Did you get any questions on avro?