CCA175 - Spark 1.2.1 download link


As of present CCA175 exam documentation, we need to target CDH5.3.2, which has got Spark 1.2.1.

Available CDH quick start VM version is 5.8, which has got Spark 1.6.

Spark download page hasn’t got link for Spark 1.2 anymore.

Does anybody know from where we can download Spark 1.2?

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@buntyk91 you need to refer the archive library

Thanks for the Link :slight_smile:

Also you do not need to practice on spark 1.2.1. You can use any of the 1.x later than 1.2.1.

Only difference between latest versions such as 1.6 and 1.2 is dataframes and spark sql. Both are outside of published curriculum. Use any of the version but stay focused on Transformation and Actions.


I have got cloudera CDH5.7 version and its got spark 1.6.0 version. So there is no need to download the 1.2.1 version respective to cloudera certification preparation.

That is correct, no need to have Spark 1.2.1.