CCA175 - Today -----

Hi all,
I’m cleared CCA175 today with success…
During the exam I failed to connect with “beeline” and I used “hive.” Maybe I missed the name of the server … What server name you used during certification?


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Congratulation Ivan!!!

Congrats @Ivan_Jiritano

Congratulations @Ivan_Jiritano[quote=“Ivan_Jiritano, post:1, topic:2800”]
Maybe I missed the name of the server

U mean Impala?
beeline is not in scope for exam.

Congratulations…can u share question distribution? did you get templetes for spark questions?

I tried connecting via beeline, but then I used hive…

2 sqoop, 3 hive, 4 spark, 1 avro. There was template for all spark questions

@Ivan_Jiritano - Congratulations.
Could you please let me know the complexity of the questions? I am also planning to give my exam in near future. Is Itversity playlist preparation is good enough for clearing the exam?


Yes, it is good enough…

@Ivan_Jiritano, are the Python questions to be done in a specified language or any language is fine?

@Ivan_Jiritano congratulation for clearing the exam.

I think beeline is not in the scope of exam. Hive is fine and enough.