CCP Data Engineer Exam (DE575) Prepration where to start

Hi Folks,

I am planning to take CCP DE exam, I cleared CCA 175 last week and this seems like the next step from there.
The syllabus for CCP:DE seems insanely similar to CCA175.

Does anyone have any pointers, on
1- What all extra to study for this.
2- What all to skip from old exam.

or basically any pointers you may have for me.

Warm Regards,

HI Durga,

I found your playlist

is this enough for me to prepare?

can you please help.



No it is not enough. CCP DE is quite complicated and it will take time to come up with content.

Thanks for the update Durga.

Can you please list what all I should read extra on top of CCA175, that will be quite helpful to me as well as others thinking to prepare for CCP DE.

Warm Regards,

Hello ashish, congratulation for CCA175. I am preparing for CCA175. Please guide me how to prepare and which coaching to join. I am fresher.

Did any one got material for DE575?

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any one have de 575 material

Thanks Durga Sir, can you please let me know if you have complete material for the CCP DE exam? Warmest regards!

Can anyone guide me or share experience on how to prepare for CCP DE exam.