Certification path

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I am an Oracle DBA and would like to get familiar with Hadoop guts. I think that watching brilliant Durgas recordings and getting certified in Hadoop is a best way for me to learn it. I am Hadoop novice and just wonder what is the best order to get certified. Should I start with CCA500 or CCA175? Or anything else?

I appreciate your help with choosing appropriate certification path.

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CCA 175 covers almost all eco systems like Sqoop, pyspark( python with spark ), Scala, Spark-SQL, HIVE.
I think its best if we give away CCA175. Where as CCA-500 is most of the administration certification.

For the certification course and syllabus you can take a look at below link:

If you are Oracle DBA, I will recommend you to go for HDPCA or CCAH. They are Hadoop Administration certifications.

CCAH - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf0swTFhTI8o5IZuk-m72ow0TBnyhqCAF
HDPCA - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf0swTFhTI8rPlPxDnDrYWE8bg2kKs3Q-

CCAH is objective while HDPCA is subjective. I typically recommend HDPCA as it is subjective, but both are equally valued.