Cleared CCA 175 -30 Jan

Many , Many thanks to Durga sir for such a great effort. I have cleared my CCA 175 yesterday . @Itversity has helped me a lot and gave to confidence to break the exam.
Thank you once again Durga sir and Itversity Team.
I have 2 sqoop , 3 Hive ,1 avro and 4 spark questions

I am in support profile currently what should be the next step for me to get a job in Big Data?

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Congratulations Pradeep !!

I am also planing to write CCA 175 on 5th Feb. I m little confuse in attempting SPARK (python and scala) questions. I went thru various posts and they suggested like it would be FILL IN THE BLANK type

Now, i have two questions

  1. For pyspark : Will they give .py file for completing the code and we have to run .py file only by using spark-submit command ?
  2. For scala : Will they give .scala file for completing the code and we have to run .scala file after converting using into .jar file using sbt. ?


Both the scripts will be in .sh file and we have to fill the required code and run as .sh file as Durga sir explained in one video.

Thank You @ITVERSITY for creating such a nice platform for hadoop aspirants.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you @Mukeem ,

You will be given a file ( kind of a wrapper file) which can run both .scala and .py file .
you can run this like or abc.scala as an argument to file. like

just to add to pradeep.
it is completely fine if you dont provide the .py scripts as arguments , because the .sh file will be calling the .py/scala scripts .
you just need to execute the .sh scripts.

Hi @Avinash_Parida,
Thank you for the clarification , actually i ran those script may in wrong way (./ but fortunately they ran correctly.
Thank you for correcting me. :slight_smile:

No No, its completely fine passing it as arguments , i havent tried it that way .
you are also right , there can be many ways for a particular problem :slight_smile:


i am facing issue while running .py file using .sh script. Trying fist time,might be not following the correct ways.

Appreciate if you can give some reference for study and practice that would be very great. I want to do hand on before appearing.

I wonder if we can get benefit from Eclipse or IntelliJ IDE help to fill in the blanks for Spark Related questions?
This process also helps us avoid committing compilation issues…

i got the answers from another thread.

Please ignore. Thank You guys !

Thank You Avinash and Pradeep. !!

So we not need to worry about sbt and all. it will be .sh file and after filling the required piece of codes we have to execute it.Thats it.

I have practice all the sqoop,hive and SPARK scripts 2-3 times from Durga sir gitgub account but still little feeling little nervous. :slight_smile:

Hi @Mukeem,

How you are trying to run .py with .sh file. can you please elaborate.
Up to my understanding ./run file is configured by cloudera in such a way that , it will call the specific file and step up the env for that script.