Cleared CCA 175 certification - 19 June 2017

Hello All,

I just have received a mail from cloudera saying I cleared the exam.First of all, I would like to thank Durga sir for such an tremendous effort in making people learn new skills.

Coming to my experience of giving exam, it was pretty easy.It took not more than 70-80 mins to finish the exam.

Thank you all for the help and thank you durga sir once again.

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congrats Arun…did you get any que from sequence file…and from streaming…
where can we get the links during exam which are allowed like documentations…

is there any questions from flume , streaming?

Thanks adarsh.

No such questions.In the web browser, you can find it, not tough to find.

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Congratulations @ArunReddy…Was there any questions on handling date format in the data?
Any questions related to configuration of Spark or something?

Thanks nitesh …No …

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Congrats Arun!! I am practicing only with scala. Is that enough or I should know python also??

Thanks …
As they do not provide any template, we can use anything of our choice.Scala should be sufficient.

Hi Arun,

Congrats , Pls give a sample sqoop export command you used in the exam , anything specifications to take care of


Congrats Arun. Total how many questions were there. Would like to have short discussion with can you share your email id.

Or write a test mail to

Heartiest Congrats Arun and Thanks for sharing your experience,

Can you tell us, How many questions there were for topics like sqoop, spark, etc.

It will be very helpful.

Thank you…

Sqoop-2 , spark-7

Thanks Satish,

It was very easy, one thing is that look for the delimiter of the file and frame sqoop command accordinly, which is really very important

Hi Arun,

Will they mention about the delimiter or do we have to look at the file they are giving. I was not able to get it correct last time almost wasted 45 min here .


They won’t mention…more chances that we commit mistake here which by default exports as comma as delimiter.

If they mention, well n good, else, please review the file for the delimiters

sqoop export --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/db_name --username --password --export-dir --input-field-terminated-by ‘,’ this would be the correct one or am I missing any option . Please correct me this screwed my entire exam.


Ya…seems good…by the way…As you said you had gone wrong in that question, what did cloudera comment in the report

No solution records


Oh…export might have failed entirely resulting in no records in MySQL table…
Did you use the correct node name on which MySQL is installed?

yeah export was failing how many times I tried with different options , I was saying some file format error , I tried almost all option but did not get it right.