Cleared CCA 175 Certification on 31st March

Thanks Durga Sir for your helpful youtube videos , smoothly cleared the certification before time completes .
Even I completed all questions before 30 minutes.

Thanks a lot…


Congrats Anant. Did you received the test based on new syllabus or the old one?

Also did you followed any material apart from the videos? How long did you prepared for the test?

Congratulations. Is it new syllabus or old syllabus?

Thanks Varun,
It was based on old sylabus only.
just followed Durga Sir’s videos only those are enough . I prepared for 5 months slowly and steady.

Really thankful to Durga Sir for providing those videos .

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Its Old Sylabus only

hi anantpradhan2006,

please let me know about how to run the .scala file after filling the template.

Hi Revathis,

You need not run .scala script at all , only you need to fill the (to-do) code in .scala file and you need to run the file present in the same unix folder , this file will read the .scala file and generate desired result . And later you verify the result if its as per expected or not .
Hope for the best.