Cleared CCA-175 on 14th April

Hello All,
Firstly many thanks to Durga Sir for your wonderful work. Without your playlist it was not possible to clear the exam. We really admire your work.

My experience was good, faced the old syllabus.
Total 10 questions (2 Sqoop, 3 Hive, 4 Spark, 1 Avro).
I was able to solve 9 questions correctly but jumbled with last question and ended up with wrong output.
Time management is very important factor, you need to manage it very smartly.
I opened multiple problems in different tabs, it takes couple of minutes to execute problem by that time you can start with other problem.
Didnt faced any network issues. Result was shared within 45 minutes.

To all the future exam takers practice well even all the simple queries because at the time of exam you may get confuse in simple queries and end up referring docs which may consume time. Before executing the query cross check the query once because a simple mistake can consume your couple of minutes. For python and scala problems template is provided, we just need to fill it and execute. Also after successful execution cross check the output file dont keep it for end.
All the best to all
Cheers !


Hello @Aniket_Shah , first of all, congratulations for your certification.
Can you please answer by email to the following questions about the exam’s question:
The 2 sqoop questions were all about sqoop import or also export?
The 3 questions on Hive were about what? Do you remember? Can resume what you had to do?
The same about Spark questions, can you give an example? even if it is a dummy one, just to have a clue.
Avro question? What you had to do do?

My email is

Thanks in advance for you share and all the best for you.

Kind regards,


Congratulation for your achievement. Can you give me ( a copy of your to David_Boudart?

Thank you

Hi again @Aniket_Shah,

I have another user sending me an email asking to share the email you sent to me. Can you please do it?


Thanks a lot for your information.