Cleared CCA-175 on 24th March

Hi All,
I have cleared CCA-175 on 24th March with a score of 10/10. I would like to thank Durga sir for creating such fabulous platform. Also, tips and tricks from other fellow members really helped. Time management is the key, practice as much as you can. Also, getting used to test environment would take some time so consider it into your management. If you stuck then move onto next problem, try to attempt all questions. Once again thanks to Itversity.

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Nikhil. Was it old syllabus or new ? When did you register for your exam.

Did they asked you questions from old syllabus or new? And what was the Cloudera version provided in exam? I had my exam scheduled on 2nd April. So waiting your reply asap. Thanks in advance

It was old syllabus and old version of Spark, CDH.
I registered for the exam after Cloudera announced change in syllabus.

Hi Nikhil
Congrats on passing the exam. Is spark-shell available to use on the gateway? In the exam do we have to write a java/scala program file and create a jar to ship to the cluster? Can’t we just type the commands at the spark-shell prompt and create the output files as needed.

Yes, spark shell is available and you can use it. You can type the commands but instead of that I would suggest to use it only for verification and use provided shell script to run the program. That approach is the easiest and quickest one. Using spark shell would be time consuming.

Congratulations Nikhil, Great to hear that you scored 10/10. Can you please elaborate your preparations and key areas that have enabled you to achieve this score. This would be helpful for the members in the forum. Thanks in advance.