Cleared CCA - 175 with new syllabus

I have cleared CCA-175 with new syllabus
My experience :

  1. Got 9 questions, cleared 8 of them. 1 question the comment mentioned was “incorrect no of records”
  2. One sqoop import one sqoop export and 7 from spark
  3. Out of the spark questions it’s upon you how you solve (DataFrame or Spark Sql or Spark core API)
    4.Got the result in 1.5 hr
  4. I have read from earlier posts that the cluster was slow but I didn’t experienced that. It was fast.

My Preparation :

  1. Practice all the questions in videos by durga Sir.
  2. Learn all file format (reading and writing) with compression codecs
  3. For sqoop import and export practice with fields, lines delimiter

My Tips:

  1. Increase the font size of the terminal as its very small
  2. Use Sublime text editor (provided in the exam)
  3. Have atleast 15 minutes time at last for checking the destination files.

At last I want to thank Itversity and Durga Sir for all you efforts for online labs and the video tutorials.

Thank you


congratulations bro thanks for sharing your experience

Hi ,

Can we use (DataFrame or Spark Sql or Spark core API) to solve any problem they are not specifying anything in particular . Any actions related to hive ?


They will not mention which one to use. Its your completely your choice with which you are comfortable

Pls give your email Id

Hello, could you pls let me know if you have used Scala or python for spark programming? Would like to understand if there is any advantage of using python over spark with respect to clearing CCA175. Please let us know.

I have used scala. It depends upon you with which programming language you are comfortable with.

congrats Sandip… you used spark-shell only or sbt also? is 24 videos playlist sufficient for clearing exam ? and the datasets that was provided was retail_db or something new?

Congrats @sandipsahoo.

Hi, Please share the link to the new 24 videos catering for the new changes syllabus for CCA 175, please.

Can you share the link to the 24 videos playlist,please?

Congratulations Sandip!!!
Any questions on Flume / Kafka / SparkStreaming.
For the spark questions were the questions related to the retail_db model or some other model.
How complex were the spark questions ? In terms of join, map transformations, aggregations

No questions on spark streaming. The database may or may not be same as retail_db. Practice all api of spark core and spark sql

Congoratulations. Is Scala is enough or pyspark should be used?

Hi sandipsahoo,

in Exams they are providing spark 1.6
There is sqlContext is also pointing to HiveContext.
As in were you able to store any file1.saveAsTable(“hiveDB.TableName”)

if not how did you store any result as table in hive
Please help!!

Solving the questions using scala in spark-shell is enough

I didn’t got any question to store result as table. to answer your question first check if the sqlContext is of HiveContext, if not create HiveContext and store the result as dataframe.saveAsTable("")

Hello Sandeep.
can you please help me with your contact number. i am planning to give this certification and have some doubts like

  • can we give this exam from home or there is any dedicated cloudera centre
  • what thing i need if i can give it from home
  • what is provided at the time of exam
  • for one problem i need to provide them commands, if yes, then will there be any space where i can put the commands

please PM me or if possible please help with message on +91 976 525 3764

Hello Tejinder,
Please go through the faqs in the below link for all your queries

You need to answer the same way as you practice in your cloudera VM or in labs.itversity