Cleared CCA175 on 1st July 2017

Thanks a lot Durga Sir and Itversity … All credit goes to your playlist to cover complete syllabus not just for certification purpose but also for knowledge… discussion forum for any queries… and Arun’s Blog for practice …Also , would like to thank you Ashok Singamaneni for proactively responding to Telegram group for any kind of queries.

Nothing new for tips…just one thing…Identify the best approach for solution its not necessary to go for Dataframes if APIs can provide results quickly…and make sure to use correct output path…and validation before submitting exam is very important…crosscheck that all solutions are present at given output path. for example, I had missed / (root) at the start of path in one problem…but caught during validation and stored result at right path.

Practice and time management is the key of success.

All the best guys !!!


Congrats Adarsh !!! :slight_smile:

Congratulation @adarsh_singh. One quick question do we need to know SBT;creating application through SBT and submiting?

Congrats @adarsh_singh.

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not required…spark-shell/pyspark is enough…

thanks Amit :slight_smile:

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Hi @adarsh_singh
I would like to know scenario’s on hive related tasks…

Hi adarsh,
Could you please share your email id ?
And was there any spark-streaming questions ?

in cloudera env sublime are already available or we need to download and install

if available which command is used to open it

its already available …you can find it on top left menu…I guess under programs/accessories.something like that

no questions from streaming

Congratulations Adarsh :slight_smile:

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Congratulations and all the very best, Adarsh!!!

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I dont remember exactly, but there were few qeus from metastore… be prepared with reading and writing on metastore table through spark

@adarsh_singh Congratulations! All the best :slight_smile:

Hello Adarsh, do u mean reading/writing data to hive tables using Spark?

Congratulations @adarsh_singh

How to switch between the applications like sublime text and putty? will cmd+tab work?

Any questions on Configuration?