Cleared CCA175 on 4th April

Few pointers

  • Exam was still on old pattern.
  • 10 questions, 2 SQOOP, 3 HIVE, 4 SPARK, 1 AVRO.
  • Result was shared in 45 minutes.
  • You will get sublime text editor (which is like any other editor like notepad++ or ultraedit), that could be used to write code, or else you can use vi editor too.
  • Did not face any connectivity issue.
  • Time management is they key, if we do not have 2 hour time frame, we could easily do all correct.
  • Spark code was of few lines only and was not complicated if you have practiced with Durga’s playlist.
  • Spark question’s code was to be modified in existing snippet, but to make sure that commands are working, you can run them in command prompt.
  • They need data in a particular format, in particular directory for all the questions. So please read it carefully.
  • Open all questions in different tab of firefox.
  • I was not able to use alt + tab key on virtual machine, which was little time consuming and irritating.
  • As others have said to increase the font size in editor, use control and “+”.
  • Be comfortable with the documentation beforehand in case you need to refer it during exam.

Good luck all.


Wonderful Pankaj, Thanks for sharing your experience

Congrats @srpankaj12.Thanks for sharing your experience