Cleared CCA175 on 5th June

Hi Durga Sir/All,

Today I wrote CCA175 and I was able to clear 8 questions out of 9.
All credit goes to Durga Sir. Because if your training material only I could achieve this milestone.
Thank You all we have cleared my doubt many a time on



Wow, Congratulations Sayali…:slight_smile:

One question is popping up in my mind:
Is it mentioned in the question…what to use like Spark SQL/Spark Core/Spark Datraframes??

No Nitesh,

they will just give you the input (including format) and output (required format).
You decide which spark API you want to use.

Thanks for the quick reply…was there a chance to verify d answers like (comparing the count of result from rdd/df/spark sql/… and mysql result)

Yes, I did take time to go and check the output file.
I recommend everyone should do that before preceding further.

Congratulations Sayali,

I find this blog is very useful for people pursuing Hadoop certification.

I have a quick question to ask you in regards to the new format of CCA175, I have heard the format and the topics of the exam has been changed recently, please let me know if that is correct, if the topics has been changed can you please list the topics for me? I am planning to appear for the exam in 2 weeks.

my email ID is just in case you want to help me out :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and once again hearty congratulations for your achievement.


@Sayali_Mahajan, great to hear. I know you were little nervous before taking the test.

Best of luck for your future career.

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Hello @srimakurthi, you can follow this playlist for the content as per revised syllabus.

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Congrats @Sayali_Mahajan, It would be helpful if you have time, Please share your examination experience with a live video/ Group discussion for 1 hour. We are pleased to join in that. Please think on it & share the schedule time. Congratulations once again, All the best.

Well, that is really not possible for me. But would be happy to help you on this discussion forum anytime.

It’s Ok thanks for your quick response.

HI Sayali,please share steps you took for the preparation.A little detail from your experience will be very helpful.

Hi Sayali,


I am good with spark sql and dataframes and in core api I find difficulty using cominebyKey and aggregateByKey . How many question in exam has to deal with these 2 tranformations. I am suppose to take exam on 5th but cancelled it because I am not so confident on core api . Any suggestions.


Sayali, For CCA 175, do we get questions on Pig, Hive, HBase, Impala, Flume…? I see people mostly stating that knowledge is required in Sqoop Import and Spark. It appears Map Reduce is completely out…

Okay, so according to Cloudera rule no one supposed to discuss the questions.
But, lets say a anonymous question like how many distinct cities are there in each state. This could be done with countByKey and also aggregateByKey.
Alternatives are there!!
Follow the Durga Sir videos, study them thoroughly. The exam is real easy after that.

Hi sanjeev,

So in my case there was sqoop, Spark, and using spark access hive table perform transformation and write back result in another table.

@Sayali_Mahajan Congratulations .

Thanks a lot, Sayali, for your response…

@Sayali_Mahajan Congratulations!! I have a question, Do we need both scala and python knowledge or any one of them should be good to take the exam?

Appreciate your help!!!