Cleared CCA175 on June 1st

Hi All,

I have cleared the CCA 175 certification today. I wanted to thank Durga sir for your excellent work, I really appreciate your efforts.

The problems are not difficult, but time management is the key. Also I faced a lot of problems with the connection and lazy connection, the major problem is lazy on type the code to appear in the screen.

I code all the problems using python language, no template are provided, 2 sqoop import, 7 spark.

So keep in mind folks, time is the key.

All the best to whoever giving the exam soon.


Hi Raphael, Congratulations for your achievement.
I am planning for giving in start of July.
Could you please share the pattern of the exam in detailed form?
As in how many questions from spark SQL/spark Core/DataFrames?

Are those 24 videos provided from Durga enough for clearing the certification?


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Congrats Raphael! Did you write your code in IntelliJ or did you use REPL ? I am trying to understand how to test and save the code during the certification?

Hi @nitesh I don’t remember how many question per spark api, but all three scenarios was given.

Are those 24 videos provided from Durga enough for clearing the certification?
Yes, Also I recomend the old video playlist.

HI @ubuntuaws, I wrote my code using sublime and submitted them with spark-submit.

Actually I am a scala developer, but for the exam I prefer to code with python due de facility to submit using spark-submit.



Congrats Raphael… Could you please share you experience and type of questions you got…can I use spark-shell only to execute command.i mean I wont face any problem?

Hi Raphael_L_Nascimento,

Could you share your your email id. I have scheduled exam on 3rd June. I have few doubts.
Appreciate it!!


Sorry guys, but I’m not able to share more details about questions due the cloudera rules.

But I strongly recommend to study core spark api, sql and dataframes, the videos from Mr. Durga is enough for the certifcation.

All the best guys.

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@adarsh_singh I don’t know because I wrote all my code using python and spark-submit.

thank you so much Raphael…

Hi Raf,

How complex the questions are on core spark API , are they are to use any specific transformations like aggregate By Key or combine By key to use in specific and also for all those compression techniques are they giving those imports up front or do we have to remember them as well . I have scheduled my exam this week .Any help would be much appreciated


Hi Raphael,

Congratulation on clearing cca 175.
Is it mandatory to use sublime text editor or can we manage with the Unix/Ubuntu webconsole/terminal?

No, you can use any editor avaliable inside the vm.

Congratulations Raphael!
Did you get question on Flume or Kafka?
How complex was the Spark question? In terms of the transformation that you had to do?
No of filters, joins, no of map, aggregations, did u have to write your own function for doing say groupByKey iteration.
Trying to understand the time it took. Were these questions for the same retail_db model with 6 tables or some other model?

Thanks Raphael…