Cleared CCA175 Successfully

Dear All,

I have cleared CCA175 successfully. This could not have been possible without (@itversity ) Durga sir’s effort and his valuable knowledge by sharing it generously to the aspirants in BigData. Sir i am interested to contribute to Itversity in terms of content, Please let me know how to do it.

Coming to Certification highlights:

  • Font size is small so i opened sublime editor, from menu and increased font from “Preferences > Increase Font Size” option in menu and opened multiple tabs in sublime to continue to use same font size across the exam.
  • Time management is key, so don’t get stuck on one question which is creating problems. Just move-on to other question. At last take care of those problematic questions.
  • I have written each and every code in sublime editor and pasted in terminal to execute. So in case of any mistakes i came back to editor and corrected that part and paste to execute again. I did this as the cursor movement in terminal is not easy. (Minor mistakes can be corrected then and there in terminal).
  • Writing code in editor and pasting in pyspark shell helped me to track previous transformations and correct them in same time.
  • Multi-tasking is key, since it is huge data. Don’t wait till it runs whole program. Open other question and prepare answer for that. Meanwhile have a glance.
  • Open one terminal specifically to check output.
  • In spark, they expects the output should be in specific format. They will provide expected format in question.

Sounds good. Do they give sublime editor, or you were using it on your machine?

Congrats Ravi.
As you mentioned about spark, you have write all code. The questions were such like you have to write 3-4 line codes or you have to write may be 8-10 lines code. Just wanted to know, as accordingly I can work on speed. And in spark questions, there were no .py or .scala file and .sh file as other guys were getting.

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congratulations @ravi.tejarockon

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Congrats Ravi.
Then need to run the pyspark transformation & store the data in required path ? Dont need to store the scrip in file & run the .sh file ?

you cannot use your machine once you are logged in for the exam , whatever you work should be things provided by the VM only.
sublime will be provided.

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@N_Chakote, Mostly it will be below 6 lines of code. They are concentrating on Spark API knowledge.

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Yes, storing data in required path is common for all type of questions.

If they have given code templates then write in script and run .sh file. else no code templates then no need to create script file. Directly execute code on shell and save output data in required path.

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Thanks @ravi.tejarockon

Thanks @ravi.tejarockon

I dont have any idea on sublime editor. Could uou please help me how to get hands on using sublime. Is it some gui editor like notepad++ ?
How do we find that in exam env?
Please provide some inputs so that I can practice before sitting for the exam?

Below in couple of comments you have mentioned about spark/hive were these few of the question types during the examination?

How do we access documentation during exam? Can we use google to go to cloudera website or something else?

@rohan Ref to below link for how to setup sublime editer in vm

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Sublime editor is similar to Notepad++, but sublime is more convenient for coding. You can download and try, it is easy to use in Windows and Linux.

A web page will be opened for you in exam with documentation links, you are not supposed to use Google.

@ravi.tejarockon @N_Chakote

I have downloaded and installed the same on my windows machine(For reference I have attached the screen). I believe same would be the process to open that in the exam env. It would be an GUI application. I guess I may need to look in for some shortcuts used in sublime so that it would be easy and faster for me in the exam

How to open Sublime editor during exam? Also the terminal in exam is same as Cloudera VM or different?


You can open sublime from menu just like Cloudera VM. There is no difference between exam and cloudera VM.

@rohan There are no special shortcuts for sublime. Just use it like any other text editor. But learn how to increase font size. From “Preference -> Increase Font”.

Congrats Ravi!!!
Can you please tell me how did you get the file in spark questions?
which command did you use to check spark question in hadoop?