Cleared the CCA 175 certification exam with 9/10

This is the feedback from Ravikumar Ramasamy in LinkedIN forums -

I wrote the CCA 175 exam on March 20, 2017 and scored with 9/10. I prepared for both latest as well old syllabus curriculum but Cloudera still providing exam with old syllabus. I prepared for this certification last two months. If you are practicing with different data-set and familiar with concepts is easy to crack the exam. Experienced with connectivity issues for more than five times. Don’t be panic if you experience connection lost, it will reconnect within a minute or some seconds.

The key part is time management, you should plan properly to finish the exam within the time. I always used to open two problems in different tab. Once submitted the solution to the first problem, start working on the second problem in different tab, I don’t wait for to finish the first problem execution. Based on the data-set it took more than couple of minutes. After two minutes, to check the status of the first problem.

I practiced a lot which helps to solve the issues as quickly as possible. I was referred the documentation couple of times to verify the table creation syntax. It doesn’t matter, need to be remember all the syntax. If you can verify it through documents. The font size is literately very small. Even I increased with Cntl +, it is able to manage but still it is small.

Thanks you very much Durga Gadiraju for maintaining the wonderful play list to cover the certification syllabus as well as covering the Big Data platform concepts. Please keep up your good work.