Cloudera certified Administrator of Hadoop

Hello Durga Sir,

I am about to purchase a laptop to for CCAH with config i7-quad core with 16 GB RAM.
Just need your advise on the hard drive.

Should I opt for SSD or SATA. Please reply.

SSD is better. It will be faster compared to SATA.

Thanks for the reply Durga Sir, but is there any issues with SATA for creating a 4 node cluster.
Please confirm if 180 GB of SSD is enough or not?

I am in for CCAH exam preparation. Lets join hands to crack this exam.

Yes, 180 GB SSD is fine.

Did you watch all the videos for CCAH?

Hi did you buy the laptop … can you please share the model and price…

I bought a used laptop of Lenovo

oh nice provide tech specs n .
model num

its Lenovo w530 i7 quad core with 16 GB RAM

Is it enough to watch that playlist to clear the CCAH exam???@itversity

It cover 80% of the curriculum. You might have to use other resources as well.