Cloudera Manager, Namenode on same machine


Can we have Cloudera Manager server and NameNode on the same node for a 6-node cluster?


What is the configuration of the node? It can be, bit for production better to be separated.

I believe you are creating this cluster for POC or practice as it is 6 node cluster.
if it is so,I have created similar clusters in past with namenode .resource manager and cloudera manager server,plus zookeeper and journal node on same server and they worked well.
I have taken AWS EC2 C4.2xLarge with RAM more than 8 gb.
So i believe you can have such a configuration for POC ,you need to have minimum resource requirements for them ,like right amount of RAM ,disk space etc.

For production ,may be you have to install them separately(as already stated).


Thanks Saurabh and Vinod.

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