Cloudera quickstart VM - Low Disk Space - HDFS , HBase, etc services are not started

Hi Sir,

The moment I uninstall (I have done uninstallation around 5 to 7 times - may be an issue) and re-install the VMware, it is showing LOW DISK space, even though i have alotted 100GB of disk space for VM.

Because of this my hdfs, hbase and all the services are affected and doesn’t allow me to start the services.

I have 16GB RAM , in which 10 GB RAM to VM, 4 cores to VM, and 100GB of disk space to VM.

Kindly help me with a suggestion. I am struggling with this for the last 4 days.

Thank You in advance.

Sorry Issue resolved. I cannot able to delete the post that i created.

@aswin_R good to here that issue resolved for you.we will take care of post.