Cloudera-scm-agent failed to start

i installed clouder-scm-agent 5.10.1 (RHEL-7 version) on RHEL 6 server by manually from cloudera PATH C installation procedure with TARBALLS.then unable to start clouder-scm-agent and it could not generate log files.
but whenever am trying to get log files from /opt/clouder-manager/cm-5.10.1/log/cloudera-scm-agent.out simply it gives “”/usr/bin/env :no python2.7 such file or directory"".

please make help me on this it is critically required.

I think python is missing on the machine.

Thanks for your reply. already bPython2.6 is installed on my machine.
Sir actually i installed Cloudera-Manger-5.10(RHEL 7 version) on RHEL 6 machine so is it causes any compatible issues, if it makes then how to uninstall cloudera-manager without yum Repository / files.