Common Issue - Too Many logins - Permission denied

Quite often you might be getting Permission denied due to. too many logins.

Root Cause

We have set a limit for concurrent connections using any user. This is how situation arises

  • Start learning with one session
  • You take break in the middle and come back
  • Idle session get hung
  • You open new session (cannot close others)
  • Once it reaches 5, it will not let you login using new session


  • Do not open more than 3 simultaneous sessions to learn
  • Make sure you close the session by typing exit or ctrl+d if you are taking a break for more than 10 minutes
  • If the issue arises wait for 30 minutes at max and you will be able to login again (we are killing sessions which are idle for more than 30 minutes)

Common issues we encounter on our state of the art Big Data Cluster with Hadoop, Spark and many others -

This is to simplify our support process so that we can answer technical issues as well.

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