Community LMS (Learning Management System)


  • Users: Viewers, Contributors, Authors, Editors, Admins
  • Viewer: Who just view the content
  • Contributor: Who post questions or answer the questions
  • Author: Who create content
  • Editor: Who maintains sanctity of the platform
  • Admin: Who manages the all forms of content, question and answers as well as users
  • Content should be able to created by multiple authors
  • Content can be courses or can be simple topics
  • Content can be viewed by any one with out logging into the platform
  • Contributor can ask question or can answer questions
  • Every contributor have to follow the guidelines before contributing to the platform
  • Editors is elevated privilege which can be earned or provided by admins
  • Editors make sure guidelines are followed
  • Every contribution will have score, it could be positive or it could be negative
  • Score for blog: 25 points
  • For each video: 10 points
  • For each share on the blog: 10 points
  • For each uptick: 2 points
  • For each downtick: -1 point
  • For each question: 1 point
  • For solution: 10 points (only one solution can be selected, a solution can be changed 3 times)
  • Each and every contribution will have uptick as well as downtick
  • Share will be available only at blog level
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