Comparison of tables in hive

Dear Folks,


Need compare two two tables and to find out if there is any data mismatch. And also to find column mismatch.

Note:Table A having 60 columns and Table B having 53 columns.
No primary key columns.

Let’s give me an idea how to compare and get the results. It’s urgent. please

Is the Table A is same as Table B up to 53 columns ?

53 columns are same in both tables

Assuming no primary key, you may not compare based on left outer joins to take minus set.
You may create another table B1 from table B with 53 columns & store in HDFS
Bring both A,B1 to local UNIX and try with diff to see differences.

This is because there is a 3rd party tool from Informatica market place does this kind of comparison in Java for Hive tables.
You can google this Informstica tool

Thanks. Let me check
But I have a doubt is possible to use minus operation in hive ?