Course content update for CCA 175 Python - Spark 2 data frame APIs instead of Spark 1.2 core APIs; access to cloudera cluster


I have enrolled for CCA 175 using Python on Kaizen. I have two queries regarding the course -

  1. Will the content related to spark be changed to include Spark 2 dataframe APIs and SparkSQL APIs on Kaizen course?
  2. How do I access the cloudera cluster on bigdata-labs? currently I have access to and it is a Hortonworks cluster if I am not mistaken.



  1. As per the new cca175 syllabus, the kaizen course will keep on getting updated, the updated content could be available by mid-December.

  2. As a developer, you need not to worry about the distribution of the cluster you can access the big data technologies in the same way as we are accessing in hortonworks.

Sunil, thank you.
About the cloudera cluster, I noticed Durga mentioning about the Cloudera cluster setup in BigData Labs. I am curious as to access to the cloudera cluster is possible, if I have a subscription to BigData Labs. Currently, I am aware of being able to connect to Hortonworks cluster.

It’s not public yet for the users, we will let you know if it is available