Currently which approach is used for Big Data in industry? Either it is cloudera Quick start VM or AWS to configure VM and Cloudera Manager?

I am new to big data and planning to do certification in hadoop and spark CCA 175. Please let me know whether Cloudera Quick VM is fine or aws?

If you have enough memory on your Computer > 10 GB RAM, it is better to go with Cloudera VM. Setting up a lab on AWS requires in-depth knowledge of all the tools and Big Data Administration. Alternatively, you can practice on, where all the tools are setup.

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Thanks for your reply.

Can u plz let me know by default cluster on the Quick Start Cloudera VM is Single Node? How can i configure Multinode?
I am new so please need help. :slight_smile:

Cloudera Quickstart is only single node. You cannot set up multinode so easily and also not very practical to have it in your laptop.

I would recommend our labs - to kick start learning process starting from day 1 with out going through hassles of setting up the environment.

okay thanks for your guide :blush: