Data Engineering Spark SQL - Tables - DML & Partitioning - Loading Data into Partitioned Tables

Let us understand how to use the load command to load data into partitioned tables. We will explore the process step by step in this article.

Key Concepts Explanation

Pre-Partitioning Data

To load data into partitions, we first need to partition the data based on the partition logic. This involves splitting the data into files matching the partition criteria.

rm -rf ~/orders
mkdir -p ~/orders

grep 2013-07 /data/retail_db/orders/part-00000 > ~/orders/orders_201307
grep 2013-08 /data/retail_db/orders/part-00000 > ~/orders/orders_201308
grep 2013-09 /data/retail_db/orders/part-00000 > ~/orders/orders_201309
grep 2013-10 /data/retail_db/orders/part-00000 > ~/orders/orders_201310

Loading Data into Partitions

Data has to be pre-partitioned based on the partitioned column before loading it into the corresponding partitions using the load command.

Hands-On Tasks

  1. Pre-partition the data based on the partition logic provided.
  2. Load the pre-partitioned data into the table partitions using the load command.


In this article, we discussed the process of loading data into partitioned tables. By following the steps outlined and performing the hands-on tasks, you can gain a practical understanding of this concept.

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